Another season has already begun in the English premier league which is the most exciting and most watched league in the world. Last season, we had surprise package Leicester City run away with the title, but this season I don’t  see this fairytale happening.
We have seen the addition of Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte to the league for this new season in addition to the usual suspects Arsene Wenger, Mauricio Pochettino, Claudio Ranieri and Jurgen Klopp as the managerial heavyweights.
This season we shall see a shift from the players for once to the actions of these renowned managers. Two rounds of matches have been played so far. I purposely delayed this post so as to see these teams in action at least once. I must tell you I have been thrilled so far by what I have observed over the course of two weeks.
I will try and dissect the chances of these teams being coached by their respective  managers all in a bid to lift the league title come May. I will analyze my seven top teams in a descending order on who I see winning the league.



Seeing E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial land in Piccadilly Circus is more likely to happen than Leicester repeating their incredible Premier League triumph, Claudio Ranieri said this on the opening day at the premier league. This just goes to show you how humble Claudio Ranieri is. Winning the league last season looks like a mistake the traditional big four would not allow to happen this year again. Claudio Ranieri first aim for the season is to get 40 points then any other thing is welcomed.

They have only lost Ngolo Kante to Chelsea so it’s pretty much the same team with new signing Ahmed Musa  and have also  tied down Kasper Scheimechel, Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez and Danny Drinkwater to long term contacts. But there is this dilemma that comes with being a champion because everyone wants to beat you and nobody underrates you anymore, which was what cased their first loss against Hull City.  Also Kante has left a big hole in their midfield and so far neither King  or the currently injured Namplys Maendy have been able to replicate Kante’s feats.
Claudio Ranieri will need more than his pizza rewards for clean sheets and his humble and innocent stance to defend their title. I see a 7th place finish with addition of European Football to cause problems for them.


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It’s that interesting time of the session again! Faculty elections are upon us! This time, Supreme wants to deliver, Tobolos wants us to evolve, and Etse …errr …Etse is a girl. No really, ignoring all the poppycock BCs are portraying, which candidate do you think should NOT win the race for the LSS presidency, but of even greater importance; why?
We took to the “streets” of the Faculty of Law to sample students’ opinions on this topical issue. Views aired, thoughts voiced, and shots fired. People are not smiling.

“Etse. I have an issue with her. She hasn’t done anything for the faculty. I heard she’s active in ADR, but you can’t just come from somewhere and say you want to be president. Show us you’re willing to serve and you have what it takes. And then you want to control over a thousand people. Her friends are giving her bad advise and she should opt out of the race. I don’t think anybody wants to vote for her. And please, her campaign people should stop saying she’s a girl.”

“Supreme. I feel like he has nothing to offer. I feel like he cannot command. He doesn’t have sufficient antecedents. I feel like he just doesn’t need to lose another election.”

“Obviously the girl. She shouldn’t bother. Etse or whatever is her name. She shouldn’t bother because I don’t think she has any chance of winning. She should just leave it for the guys because seriously, nobody is going to vote for her. Well, people might, but I doubt if she’ll get a reasonable number of votes. The fact that she’s a girl is a kind of automatic disqualification for her. It’s a normal thing na. She should just leave it for the guys. Well, if she wins, it’s her luck. I’ll be happy for her.”

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Pretty Profiles – #Adewara Christiana

Name;  Adewara  Christiana

Level;  300

Height;  5’9

State  of  origin;  Kwara  State

Favourite  food;  Chicken  and  chips

Favourite  course;  Admin  law

Favourite  Lecturer;  Prof  Oyewo  and  Dr.  Odusote

Religion;  Christianity

Philosophical  stance;  Life  gives  everyone  a  pen.  You  choose  to  either  write  your  story  with  it    or alow  life  write  it  for  you  by  accepting  whatever  it  brings.

Relationship  status;  Dating.

Dream;  To  be  a  very  sucessful  and  prosperous  maritime  lawyer  in  nigeria  and  to  stand  out    in excelence  anywhere  I  find  myself.

Biggest  fear;  Not  being  as  succesful  as  I  aim  to  be  in  life.

Hobbies;  Singing,  sleeping  and  writing.  Read the rest of this entry »


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A quick discipline or a lasting punishment?

In 1997, some nineteen years ago, a man lived in the shadows of North Africa and Middle east. He was a top notch international criminal, ranked the world’s most wanted terrorist. He was a threat especially to the United States and the World at large. He was Osama Bin Laden
Osama Bin Laden was an Al-Qaida leader and a  sworn enemy to the United States. Unfortunately for Sudan, he had been living in Khartoum for five years when America imposed a trade embargo and froze the government’s assets in the U.S in 1997. Osama Bin Laden was the first to earn Sudan a place on the U.S blacklist for state sponsors of terrorism.
However, can we really agree that Osama Bin Laden was the first to earn Sudan a spot in the Blacklist? or it was just a mere political play in the hands of those that held the power chess. The veracity of a state action is subject to its intention and the circumstances around such.
This is 2016,  and its nineteen years after, yet Sudan still remains on the blacklist alongside only two other states: Iran and Syria. This practically implies that nearly a whole generation had grown up knowing nothing more than the embargo alongside its circumstances in there State.
The list has left a small country like Sudan almost oblivious to the World. The trade embargo has had and is still having adverse effect on its economic growth, skill development and international relations and cooperation.
One might begin to wonder, considering the circumstances in this state, if the U.S has actually been fair enough not to grant this country their right, at least to be independent from such oppression. At lest it’s trite law that any force applied to any crime should be relative to the crime committed. The gravity of offence determines the gravity of punishment. Its quite sad that what I can observe is the applications of punishment pursuant to the strength of applicability.
Recently, the youths have gone on the social media especially Twitter, to describe the daily isolation from the global community through blocked websites, phone apps and services, having to turn to Virtual Private Networks (V.P.N) and proxies to trick servers about their location.
***they’ll probably have a lot of tweak gurus in that country, youths turning to
alternative methods to access the internet. A situation where the law has failed to curtail the possibility of illegality in trying to legally impose restrictions. Read the rest of this entry »

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Well, I finally decided that it is time to raise this journal up and out of the grave. The last time you heard from me, I think there was some running involved. Between that time and now, not much has happened to your homegirl, who lives under a rock.
For the most part, my days have been filled with reading and more reading and, guess what? While my mates are waiting for Season 7 of Game of Thrones, I just started watching it. I know I’m not the only one that didn’t know what a ‘Game of Thrones’ was until a month ago so don’t judge. So yes, my days have been filled with that too. But don’t worry, Jenifa is still bae:D.
Now, I’m going to leave you guys with a piece I wrote. I’d love to know what you think about it. I wrote this on a very random day and…. welll, enjoy.

Sometimes I just stop and wonder, ‘Why do Nigerians have no chill?!!”
Its quite true if you think about it; we rush for almost everything: food, clothes, water, even if they will be useless to us, so long as it’s a freebie or it goes for cheap. Hey, hey, hey, don’t even try to exempt yourself from this generalization, you’re involved in this too and you know it😛 Lol.
But seriously, what’s the hurry?
I was in the market yesterday, Bariga if you must know, and Lord!! I can’t even believe I survived it.
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Always try to hear your baby tales once in a while from your parents, and you’ll know how well the society has changed you because you thought societal behavior was normal. I grow up in a city where my attitude towards another is controlled by the other person’s attitude towards me. This goes on for different people like me, then I wonder ; how emancipated am I really?……….. I need to be in charge of my character.
There’s a particular quote I’ve heard for sometime now and it goes thus; “Do unto others as you want others to do unto you”.  Well,  apparently this means that we’re to live as a refection of what we wanna see. That is, stay positive with people, and they’ll likely do the same with you. Be respectful to people, and they’ll most likely be to you . Read the rest of this entry »

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Meeting Hilary was one of the most interesting things that ever happened to me this week. I agree with him that he is cool and calm. He left his ‘business’ with that girl and came over for the interview, ready to listen and reply adequately. I will never forget something about him: ’’his smile’’. He has a charming smile and he replied intelligently to every questions being asked from him. Choosing you as the student of the week was not a mistake.  Read the rest of this entry »


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